Independent Wednesday

Razook sent me this song I'm starting off with this week the day after Boosie was released from jail. This is ironic because the voice and song remind me exactly of the infamous rapper. The beat is produced by Cardiak who is well known and the hook and cadence are all what's hot right now. This song isn't great to me but if you're a fan of certain trap style rap music then this is right in your lane.

My next submission is from Chicago female emcee Henny B. and produced by King Mickey. At first listen I get the feel of a female Common. She has the poetic delivery but it's a solid one, not a struggling one that is all vocal art over being musical at the same time. In other words she fits in with the track which is laid back and jazzy. Some of her other songs aren't as smooth and an overwhelming amount of subject matter is in the Curren$y vein of getting high and drinking. They weren't really songs I was feeling but she should have a solid career if Tyga can be a success. Young Hipsters, should go to soundcloud and give her a spin.

Third this week is an artist called OCS who submitted a video from his "scene" series. This was a simple backdrop but it allowed OCS to get deep with his lyrics and really let his words shine as he told a story through his lyrics. This isn't the most polished song I have ever heard but it is extremely heartfelt so that trumps a lot of things. Some times it isn't about being the best with metaphors and similes if you can use your voice to convey true emotions.


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