Independent Wednesday

This week I have an aggressive MC named Mirage the Illusionist from Philly. He isn't exceptionally a lyrical or street rapper but he fits nicely into what is the listenable range of artists. he is well balanced in other words. He has some good material and I suggest you check him out he has an above average range of different sounding songs which is what I always like to hear from break beats to smoothed out tracks he can give you most of what you might be looking for.

From the midwest ir Neko has an interesting name and sometimes that doesn't lead me to expect solid material and more experimental music, but I was pleasantly surprised with some straight up  heavy spitting. It wasn't a unique type of concept but the beat on this joint was mean and Neko did a good job of spitting over it. now a couple of his other songs don't strike me the same way and seem a bit more fitting in what I expect from a midwest artist but you should give him a listen and see what you think.

Finishing up this week, Timmy Titus who I think I may have featured on the blog before and Myles Williams with Tovs Lo - Habits (Myles Williams Remix). The beat is ferocious and fast with energy and the flows are on point. The sample and hook are on point as well as the mixing to bring the beat down at good spots so it doesn't get annoying as they spit about getting high. This is a good hip-pop song definitely.


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