Album Review- Meek Mill- Dreams Worth More Than Money

Meek Mill burst on the scene a few years ago with tremendous energy and the Maybach Music Artist immediately became a fan favorite with raucous anthems for the streets. His Sophomore album was highly anticipated and due last year but the Philadelphia was delayed by a parole violation which sent him to jail for the period in which his album was to be released. He got out and soon after got into a relationship with Nicki Minaj which has made his profile even larger, all while we awaited the album that finally has been released, Dreams Worth More Than Money.

"Lord Knows" is not a bad opening for the album which has the more current southern music template and Meek's trademark energy and it seems to be the only track that really reflects something that might have come from his time behind bars. "Classic" with Swizz beats and Jeremih is a tough track with a simple keyboard backdrop for the most part but it is spaced perfectly to allow Meek to just go in spitting. I can see this as being the preferred freestyle track for the next few months because it is so catchy, and it's melodic so Meek's volume and tenor contrast nicely. The newest single features his new boo, Nicki Minaj, as well as Chris Brown on "All Eyes on You". This is pretty generic and normal track from the three of them.

The Weeknd appears on "Pullin Up" where Meek spits to the female for whom he is the side piece for as the hook has Weeknd crooning for her to "Come outside when I'm Pulling Up". This is some normal 'I'm better than your man cause I'm trill and I don't care and he's wack' music. Some folks might end up liking this though. Nicki appears again on "Bad For You" and Puff aka Diddy, shows up talking shit on "Cold Hearted".

Now The album has well above average production although too many of the songs fit right into the pocket or flow of the radio that Meek was sort of instrumental in ushering in. "Jump Out the Face" with Future is an example of that. this could be any of dozens of rappers and their mixtapes. "RICO" which features Drake plays more on Drizzy's normal monotone chorus style and a beat that has a lot of interesting things going on. The bars are just lazy though as are the flows and deliveries. Same with "I Got the Juice" which I feel like people are going to say they like but it is really disposable at the end of the day.

That's the problem with this album, too many of the songs aren't memorable. The beats are all tough but they don't fit together like most of the albums this year in that they are just all attempts thrown on the wall to try and recreate some of the energy and magic of Dreams and Nightmares. They fall flat mainly because Meek never gets in touch with any depth like he did on his debut. You would think that going to jail would have given him some more inspiration for some of his music other than just simple dope, money and bitches that makes up pretty much everything else on the album. If it isn't that, it's the songs about Nicki. It feels like at the end of the day this album wasn't focused enough and I get it, Meek isn't the type to make this artistic piece of work, but it still doesn't work together like his debut album did. Too much is reaching to singles territory and missing by not having that spark.

Rating: 3/5


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