Independent Wednesday

We have another Kansas City MC this week named Domineko with his joint "Smantha" which is produced by Curbside Jones. Let me say this, the track is nice even if it is sort of the almost over produced stuff I normally shy away from, but overall it's a nice backdrop. Now Domineko's lyrics aren't bad but they aren't all that great either especially the hook. I'm just about always against the use of the word Fuck in a chorus it just seems lazy and in this instance it could have done better to have something less straightforward to keep up with everything else going on in the song.  Now listening to more of his songs Domineko has a great rap voice and I like the delivery. I would like to hear some different production that maybe isn't so old-school or chopped soul. I do suggest you check out his "Wood Floors" LP though.

First thing I thought when I heard this was what southern city is Hotboy Mula from? Turns out he is from Paterson New Jersey and his song "Actin Funny" is right in the sweet spot for popular rap music today. A weird voice on the hook and verses and a simple song about money and this really could be on the radio across the country today. Personally I dislike this song immensely but when looking at the overall culture he is trying to pop at the right time, especially considering the recent success of fellow New Jersey product Fetty Wap and the entire sound from Chicago. Now I did hit up his soundcloud and "Stressin" is slightly better to my ear and seems like it would be an even stronger single but it isn't breaking new ground by any means.

I may have saved this week's best for last but you can be the judge of that. Sincerely Yours (thats a throwback rap name for sure) dropped off his single "Everything I Love" and this is definitely a polished song and sound. The beat by producer Slot-A is very 'industry sound' and quality as my friends and I would have said, and the verses and flow are on point. The other thing I think artists need to take note of is the mix is crispy and on point with the vocals not being drowned out by a producer who just looks to showcase his beat. It's refreshing to hear a non-drill Chicago rapper and Sincerely Yours is worth multiple listens he has the 'ready to make it' sound. I mean there is some J.Cole in there, but thats just because he is the newest artist that comes to mind but if you're a fan of his I think you would do good to check out Sincerely today.


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