Independent Wednesday

Now I hve to start this week with a disclaimer, in general (and I say this often) I dislike rappers from across the ocean because of the accents. I know I'm biased and for the second time in a month I have heard an MC based in another country who can make a seamless transition to the states with minimal issues. I am incredibly impressed with Ireland's Allee who sent over his latest "Project X".

I have to say I did a triple take because I didn't detect a trace of an accent when the album starts and the production and song construction is on point from the beats to the levels and mixing. Lyrically he has some decent stuff but the only issue is the first 4 tracks all seem to be kind of the same or similar but they are all high quality. I can say I really enjoyed this a lot more than I was expecting and than a lot of the music I receive. I defnitely recommend that you go check out his release today.

So next up is an artist who goes by the name of Stiff Lauren. Now what I can say I like about this artist is his intention of trying to direct hip-hop in a new direction. He isn't for all of the current hot topics like spending money and conspicuous consumption. However, he also has to really find his lane because  being an artist who is basically just critical of current mainstream culture isn't likely to get you far. He has a decent flow and the songs I have heard are produced decently but he also just needs some work on actual lyrics and standing out in unique ways other than a more positive mindset about where the genre needs to be going.

I'm going to finish up this week with an MC from North Carolina who doesn't sound like a southern rapper at all, instead he more properly channels the NY sound more than most artists from the Big Apple. Terry Ozi spits that fire honestly and pretty much everything I listened to from him was on point. The single I was sent is called "Black Power" but on his soundcloud has also a joint called "Henny" that's tough as well.

There you have it, three new flavors for you this week that stand out from the rest. Let them know what you think in the comments below.


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