Album Review- Method Man- The Meth Lab

So Method Man has been laying pretty low for a while and there were rumors of a new project soon to come and this past week, he dropped a new album, "The Meth Lab" independently to the streets and then came with a video.

The album opens with the title track "The Meth Lab" which features long time collaborator Street Life and a new artist named Hanz On. Meth brings in the song strongly but Street life and Hanz don't do anything but spit some what I would consider average NY underground rhymes.Hanz and Street join Meth and Redman on "Straight Gutta" which has a terrible straight up 90's hook that I'm certain Redman came up with only this time they spit first leaving the energy and flow from Red and Meth to save the song...that's not fair because Hanz does bring something to the song with his flow on the track. On "50 Shots" Mack Wilds sings the hook while Streetlife and Cory Gunz join Meth for verses on a laid back song but I can't decide if the production is too laid back or not. On a positive note- Cory Gunz is on a release.

"2 Minutes of Your Time" is the rare Meth only track and gives you what you're really looking for and he also satisfies that Meth rap craving on his verse on "Worldwide" which also features Hanz On, Chedda Bang, and Uncle Murda who tries way too hard to show some lyricism. "The Purple Tape" features strong support from raekwon and Inspectah Deck even though the song isn't about anything really. "Intelligent Meth" features Masta Killa, Streetlife and Intell and is alright.

At this point let me stop and say, it's a hella features on this album and meth should have just decided he, Streetlife, and Hanz On are a group because they are all over the album but the problem is they don't bring anything to the table. They are average rappers with no one identifying trait that helps them, like how meth has his voice and flow. For instance, "Symphony" is alright, the production isn't bad but there is no reason for Meth and three other rappers especially since none of them have their own name or celebrity to add to the track. I understand wanting to put your people on but you have to really have something. The production is all dumpy and dated sounding and the hooks are lifeless. The more I listened the more agitated I became just because nothing stood out and begged to be heard. While it may be good to be independent, this album shows what some of the pitfalls can be when you don't get the outside word or help in creating the record.

Rating: 2/5


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