Album Review-50 Cent- Before I Self Destruct

Between beefs 50 cent does record albums. Lately, raps bad guy has thrown jabs at Jay-z, and more hooks to Rick Ross and Fat Joe in preparation for the release of his latest album, Before I Self Destruct.

Some people say that 50 has fallen off but his music has remained consistent and relatively the same since he came out. The biggest problem other than the lack of advancement in subject matter, is that his first album was so much of a classic that he can never top or regain that momentum again. His return does mark a return to some griminess from NY and the hard sound he is known for while not seeming like a Rick Ross fantasy lifestyle.

"The invitation" and "The Days Went by Me" are solid hard hip-hop tracks that showcase Fif's trademark style of basically speaking about his life on record. "Death to my Enemies" is the return to the slick-talking 50 Cent that took down Ja Rule. The album starts strong and hard (pause and no homo) and bangs in the whip especially.

"Crime Wave" which was featured on this blog previously is one of my favorite joints on the album. I would have loved to hear Jay-z spit over something like this on BP3 to really show some life, he didn't and 50 doesn't disappoint over a serious track. "Strong Enough" is decent enough but the song seems tired by this point in the album and "Stretch" is a stretched attempt to extend the feel of Crime Wave and talk about the drug trade and 50's expertise in such.

I also like "OK You're Right" which is near the end of the album, amongst 50's grouping of singles like the Ne-yo assisted "Baby By Me" which should be a serious smash. If it isn't, it will prove the industry is motivated not by music but by public perception and popularity even amongst its stars. "Do You think About Me" is also a good single which will most likely have a video soon.

The problem is there is a lot of inconsistent moments in the album. "Could've been You" with R. Kelly could have been left off the album truthfully. "I Got Swag" had potential within the hook, however the song doesn't attack the idea that he starts with like I would have liked. I also don't appreciate 50 jumping on the "swag" bandwagon this late in the game. The hook would have been better with Yayo doing the second part of it. "Get it Hot" and "Gangstas Delight" are downright bad songs.

"Hold Me Down" is a rehash of 50 treating his gun like a woman. Been there, done that, remember "My Buddy" from the G-unit album? that was better. "Psycho" featuring Eminem could and should have been better just because 50 needed that song to be a real highlight. "So Disrespectful" is classic 50 going at the icons and saying what no one has the balls to say, however, it comes off as very contrived and forced as the attempt to inflame that it is.

Overall 50 has some tough NY style production for the most part and it's one of the things he excels at. He has several good songs but the misses really hurt because 50 needed to come close to making "The Massacre" at the very least. I also lament the fact Banks and Yayo didn't make the album which is a travesty. Having Lloyd B drop a couple of verses could have saved some songs and Yayo's energy could have definately saved a couple more and brought the rating up. I didn't like the last 2 from 50 and this one is a slight disappointment probably because I wanted it to be a banger.

Rating: 3/5 (but not better than Royce da 5'9 Street Hop)


  1. I love the album and the Lack of sweet-"for the Bitches" songs, brings a smile. Coulda been you is a detox joint that was leaked, That's why it's a bonus Track. So Disrespectful is fiiire, like ya say-ain't nobody else got the balls to say the shit. While I somewhat agree, i also somewhat disagree with the review. but then know how we do.

  2. I think he was trying too hard and he should have spread those jabs out on the album in other songs as they related to them instead of forcing it into one. I think it bangs though.

  3. listened to the album all the way through. same shit, different beats, or should i say VARIATION on the same typical beats 50 prefers. The problem with curtis is that he's a one trick pony. His tough guy bravado has been (vitamin)watered down by smart business deals and GQ covers so he's done what all rappers do, get an r&B dude on the hook and hope it gets enough spins. I don't think "Baby by Me" is a hit song, i think if someone like say Plies or Fab or anyone not G unit affiliated had sampled 50's voice it would have been big, by taking your own hot line it doesn't have the same effect he comes off as even more egotistical, it's like if "Bringm' out" had hova on it instead of Tip. Anyway It's not a bad album it's just not a good one. 50 cent has officially become irrelevant

  4. lol Nas sampled his own voice, Royce da 5'9 sampled his own voice. Thats not egotistical just because 50 Cent did it. Baby By Me bangs off in the club and in the whip I'm sorry. Wayne hasn't had as good of a single this year.

  5. Crime Wave bangs. As does Baby By Me. That beat is vicious! Stretch's beat sounds like a leftover from Vol 3: Dynasty. Overall tho, the album singles sound decent enough to warrant a download.


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