Album Review - Birdman - Priceless

I took a little hiatus, been tired lately, I probably need to work out, and this isn't the ideal to return to blogging with, a review of Birdman, nee Baby's, latest album, Priceless. Honestly, there isn't going to be much to do because knowing Baby you already know what the album is going to be about. It's like listening to the Ross or 50 Cent album, there is always that inkling that maybe, just maybe there will be a surprise in there somewhere.

That said, you already know Birdman will be talking about Balling, Getting Money, and being a real gangster that gets said Money. Look at the first five track titles: "Been about Money", "Money to Blow", "Money Machine" and "Priceless". Honestly, this shit is sickening. The idea that all Baby think,s or cares about is just the accumulation of money for no other purpose than to just have it is ludicrous and endemic of the problems facing our youth. Even the 6th song "Bring it Back" features the word "money" in the chorus more than anything else.

One of the biggest problems during this first half of the album is that Birdman has too many solo songs. Now I don't believe for one second that Baby is writing any of the words coming out of his mouth, but the songs need something else when it comes to the verses other than Baby's static delivery and more than Wayne using auto-tune on the hook every single time. When it's not wayne, it's Drake who sounds like he is using the auto-tune himself. Listening to "4 My Town" you can tell they are recycling bars as the hook features wayne saying "see me faded off the brown", sound familiar?

Musically, you can say the songs are solid, they are exactly what ou expect, the beats fit in with the current style but as a whole they blend in, especially with the hooks having the same feel every time, however, "Hustle" featuring Gudda and Lil Wayne is downright terrible and annoying. "Mo Milly" attempts to make up for it as Drake spits a decent verse and the beat changes the tempo somewhat and Bun B is the most unique voice on the entire LP. The failed crossover/pop/rock attempt "I want it all" with Kevin Rudolf should have been scrapped. The album ends with the "Always Strapped remix" which is nice and old.

Overall this album hits its target right on the nose. Baby is one-dimensional and boring as an artist, and the success of the label has Wayne, Drake, and Baby complacent and not even thinking about attempting to stray from their formula. That's probably best for them. For me, it's a headache.

Rating: 2/5


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