It's too easy to be a rapper now

Now let me tell you this, on the one hand the computer explosion and internet revolution have made it great for truly talented people and artists to get exposure to the masses on a shoestring budget. However, at the same time it has removed some of the barriers that kept the riff-raff from entering the game, wasting space, time, resources, and dividing the precious attention of the fans. Let's take a look at some of the offenders.

Mowett Ryder:

Strippers should not be allowed to rap. Especially if they are rapping about thugging it in the streets, sounding bad, and stopping in the middle of talking about killing you to shake their ass. That's just like a junkie rapping about politics while stopping to smoke crack. I don't believe you you need more people.

Twerk Team:

You may know them from youtube cause you searching out booty videos or one of my first blogs on watching what your kids are doing while they have time alone on the computer, one thing is for sure, these girls should not be rapping. It's crazy when a group of people says instead of making t-shirts to make a buck off of our H-list celebrity status, they decide to make music that serves no purpose.

Lola Luv:

This video chick seems like she actually could have potential, problem is she wants to stick with this "Boss bitch" talk instead of actually talking about life. She is a baller, whips bentleys and has fendi bags out the ass, why the fuck are you rapping then?

Wacka Flocka Flame:

this is the first and last time I will ever put something up from Wacka Flocka because this will be taken as good publicity just to be talked about.

Hip-hop fans we really need to stand up and dig through the garbage to find the diamonds that are hidden amongst them.


  1. Mowett at least knows how to make gangsta music decently well. That Twerk Team shit was so awful I couldn't make it past the halfway mark.

    The thing with Mowett is she's never gonna get taken seriously while shakin her own ass in the video. People already probably don't take her serious, shit 3/4 of my motivation to watch the video was just to look at her. She goin get mad when years later she's still being called Mowett the stripper turned rapper, and interviews are still gonna be filled with sex questions instead of music talk. Btw, I looked at a few more Mowett vids, her face is TRI-DASH!

    Now Lola did it right, keeping the visual emphasis off her body and on her face instead. Too bad she has nothing new to say, she coulda been an ok rapper. But a whole song about being mad at people with fake shit on, I'm so tired of Black people's obsessions with fly clothes and labels! But that's another topic for another post lol

  2. lol so true. I think that is what pisses me off about Lola that she could actually possible rap but she doesn't have anything to talk about.


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