Nicki Minaj makes excuses...

Now I meant to write or talk about the BET hip-hop awards cipher but other things came before it. However, thanks to Nicki Minaj, I remembered to talk about it. First, let me address what she is talking about in this next clip.

She whined for a while but then she gets to the point that people weren't just saying that oh your verse was written. The problem was that her shit was performed. It didn't even look natural. I mean she had a dude hand her a cigarette on cue. Let's look:

Now no doubt, her verse was not the wackest one. Crown Royyal or whatever takes that honor. Buckshot wasn't great but he freestyled his verse as well like KRS from what Nicki says. But in the end that's not the reason people called the verse wack. The second reason other than the props was the gimmickery (I know that's not a real word) of raising her voice which she does in like every verse that I hear.

Contrast that to Budden who downplayed his verse but had a bevy of quotables such as: "just got the truck customized got a meaner grill told Baby just being real/ leave or get balls in your mouth I spoke to her like Serena will"

Can we guess who that was toward?

Hmmmm, was that toward me?

Then let's look at this cipher which was the main event.

Nicki stop bitching, take notes and stop being a Lil Wayne clone. You were hot because you were your own person.


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