Is a Hit song a Good song?

Now this stems from something my man NC-17 sent to me on twitter asking about South rappers making hit songs. It got me to thinking does a song that ends up being a smash always have to be a good song. The answer simply is no. The reason's why are a little different.

First of all, this is one of those personal things for the most part. If you don't like the song for the most part you are not going to think it's good. That's my issue, I don't understand why people support some songs to the extent that they do on a personal level. The radio is a business and the best songs are not always going to get played because the best artists don't have the biggest budgets and/or the support of major labels to get airplay.

When it comes to music and especially hip-hop if you don't have a set criteria on how you judge music in the end you cannot have a discussion about it. Today most of the rap music that gets played is based 80% around the beat and 15% on the ability to be repeated and understood. The topic and lyrics of the actual song are secondary to most listeners. For me myself, a good song cannot just have a "rocking" beat which is what people say when they know that a song isn't good but cannot help to like it. I know because I do it. Most people would not actually say that "Turn My Swag On" was a good song but it did rock to them. For me "Wasted" rocks off except for Plies' part because I refuse to support Dr. Algernod.

Peer pressure and constant radio/club spins also make the songs that aren't 'good' into 'hits'. It is a proven fact that the more something is played the more support it will end up getting just because after a certain time for the majority of people most songs will be able to finally grow on them or not sound as bad as the initial listen. Need examples, check Nelly, check Soulja Boi, T-Pain, Chris Brown. All of these guys have limited abilities however, the marketing got them over the top and established.

So why aren't all good songs hits? that's a harder question for me to get into because I just don't know why some technically sound songs don't get a street buzz. Why don't good singers like Jaheim get out of adult contemporary purgatory when he has the voice and ability to be the next Luther Vandross? Yet the Dream who has made an entire career of being off-key one of the 'hottest' singers in the game? Why does Talib Kweli have to toil in the semi-underground when Gucci Mane is on the radio every 15 minutes. Even when Kweli has had songs that were radio-friendly types he didn't get that amount of burn...but we'll get into that later...tell me what you think, must a hit song be considered a good song?


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