I don't like mixtapes

This post is about a sore spot I have with the new rap industry, mix tapes. Now This isn't at anyone specific though I have listened to a few mix tapes recently, this is a problem that began in the early part of last decade. Mix tapes aren't mixes anymore, they are el cheapo albums which is why I refuse to buy them unless prodded by the wife when we are out and she is feeling sympathetic. I'm going to break down why.

You see DJ Clue was probably the king of all mixtapes in the mid to late 90's. His joints were always the hottest with the best freestyles to jump them off and the greatest leaks and exclusives. Getting a mixtape back then was a pure experience that would keep you in touch with what was about to come out. Being from Baltimore and before the internet explosion getting a Clue tape was a real event at one point.

Things changed around 2000 or so when both 50 Cent and Cam'ron and his Dipset crew both took the art of the mixtape in a new direction by basically jacking all of the hot songs of the time and re-doing them in their own way. For G-unit and 50 Cent it was a great move. The Dips took more of the approach that today's artists favor and made a "street" album with original tracks from unknown producers and pushing the music as such. For the time, it was ground-breaking.

Now the mixtape is like the Old Navy Outlet store and your nearest 'Mills' location. It says one thing but when you get there you're not getting the deal that you expected.

Now; you get mixtapes that are just ways to promote and alocohol or product being hawked by the artist. Remember the s. dot carter mixtape? It wasn't bad but it wasn't genuine, it was a marketing stunt. Or you have a rapper who does a series where nothing actually stands out then they drop an album which doesn't sell then come back with four more mixtapes you get for free. Why am I going to buy your cd if half the things you might say are given out already.

Listen to the lyrics from this vintage Clue freestyle:

As far as unsigned artists go, I can't buy the mix cd with just you and your crew because most of the time there isn't enough skill there to hold my attention for the entire time. I'd prefer the classic compilation of songs from a variety of people and it needs to be readily critiqued. Too many producers of mixtapes are lazy and just throw anything on them and drop some DJ samples on them and call it hot. You can't be afraid to tell someone that their song doesn't make the cut. In the end, I'm just not impressed by these non-mixtapes anymore so sorry.


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