Nicki Minaj and Lola Love, the new Kim and Foxy?

I was watching a "freestyle" by Ms. Lola Love and the thought came to me that she is more of a Foxy Brown clone when compared to miss Nicki the Ninja who has honed the Lil' Kim image to a T. Remember this?

Now I know all the fellas out there my age definately remember seeing this image. Hell half of the albums Kim sold were off of this picture right here:

Kim and Foxy were the polar opposites of the same chick back then. Kim was the neighborhood whore whom everyone knew but still wanted to deal with anyway. She was about her business and had honed her sex game to the point she could get what she wanted. Her identity was Superhead before we even knew who the hell Karrine Stephens was. Foxy on the other hand was a sassy and street smart young lady who only dealt with boss type dudes who had something in their pockets.

Let's take you back to the mid-90's for a couple of minutes:

Man that was classic. Those were the days. At the very least these two women had created their own identities which reflected the hood a little bit more than the Queen Latifah's and MC Lyte's that came before. Now Nicki and 'Lola Monroe' are the latest incarnations of them with slight differences. Nicki is more street than Kim was and Lola has a little bit more sex appeal than Foxy did; showing obvious nods to both ladies.

Only time will tell if they can make a lasting impression on hip-hop. Personally I haven't been that impressed with either of them but Nicki seems to have regressed, and Lola, though she sounds more like a female Rick Ross every day, is progressing ever slightly. None of them can mess with Eve in her heyday however.


  1. actually if you take a look at nicki's earlier work (her mixtapes playtime is over & suckafree) you will see that nicki was initially inspire by foxy brown .. her voice on those resembles foxy way more than kim.. just nicki's latest is more like kim (must be tryin 2 crossover)

    anyway foxy is coming back this year from what i've been hearing.. she's got a new joint out calle "LET EM KNOW" check it out on

  2. young Ncizzle for shizzleJanuary 31, 2010 at 6:46 PM

    Um, yeah, i downloaded Lola Lov/Monroe's mixtape and I've never taken a shit outdoors, but after listening to it I wanted to take it into the parking lot and relieve myself on that disc. Now on to REAL MC's, not video chicks. Nik knows that people still love Kim, and I think she's just paying homage to her, i mean if you don't own up to that elephant in the room, then people will turn against you for not respecting your forefather/mother. Any hell, i think it's good that ig'nant hip hop fans who like Minaj will go back and check out Hardcore and Ill Nana they were two of the best albums of all time.


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