Rappers going to Jail

So That's Lil' Scrappy's "take" on rappers getting locked up. I think i somewhat understand what he is saying about guys doing things that are outside of their character and getting locked up doing things that an alleged 'Boss' would not get his hands dirty with.

However these recent arrests haven't been surprising events looking at the artists. The T.I. arrest was at least surprising because he was out copping an arsenal of ratchets. It wasn't even the fact that he was buying the guns, the fact that he got caught actually in the act of making the purchase. Had he just been caught with them it wouldn't have been so ridiculous.

However, we look at Gucci and he just did time and got out less than a year ago. To violate for smoking weed, which is damn sure obvious from looking at his videos and using cocaine is no surprise at all and is rather sad. Then you have Boosie who was on House Arrest and had some type of situation that resulted in him now having to go to actual jail for four years. This is some bullshit. How many times should we keep making excuses for these dudes when they screw up beyond what we as normal individuals would do.

Look at Lil Wayne. He has no reason to actually be the one carrying a pistol yet he did and got caught with it. Was he really that desperate for street cred? Prodigy has been down for a while, Mystikal, C-Murder, Shyne just got released, Da Brat doing a bid. Is this cool or the new way to go?

The problem is two-fold. One there are too many rappers and the criminal element is taking over the industry. Second, these guys do not realize how blessed they are to be in a position to be an entertainer and have their voice heard by the masses. They really have to respect the game and stop wasting the chances that they are given.


  1. I agree with everything you're saying. These cats don't appreciate the need to leave that street shit behind them. And I agree with Scrappy, they have no idea how to shield themselves from blame.


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