Hip-Hop trends that need to end

What's good people? I hopo you all been paying attention to the blogs. drop some comments man and show some love there is a lot of room for discussion here. I don't want people to think I'm too much of a hater, but sometimes we get caught up into following in hip-hop and not innovating the game.

One trend that a couple of people started that now need to stop. The first one I would like to address is "in studio performances". There are also a couple of variations of this like the "In whip" performance, or the "In the Crib" performance. all of these deviated from the "In the Club" performance which is fine because it is in front of a crowd and shows how people react to your music etc.

Look at this shit. I mean I understand you feeling your music, you want to expose it and get some publicity for it but let's stop being lazy. Act out a script, or better yet, just put the song out. Get some archived actual performance footage but you prancing around your house or studio like these songs are actual hits is annoying.

Ugh, there are waaayyy too many rappers now. Dudes are saying absolutely nothing and don't even have any slick ideas. You know how many videos are on worldstarhiphop? What makes you think I'm actually going to watch you do an in-studio performance of these wack ass "I'm a Gangster" songs? The bad part is the Butta the prince song is better than most of the garbage but it still isn't anything exciting that's going to make me go run out and look for his mixtape.

After writing this I saw the following:

Now you're not going to tell me that Rasheeda is dumb rich to be shooting videos for her mixtape but guess what, she is doing it and I would much rather listen to her than any of these other lazy ass rappers.


  1. Remember when the Roots did that video making fun of the Hype Williams style. You should make a video making fun of this bullshit. haha my girl loves Rasheeda to death.


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