Where are they Now: Tracey Lee

Now this is funny, I showed someone my list of upcoming topics and he asked me why you keep asking about Tracey Lee? I couldn't do anything but laugh because I had the Many Facez album back on tape (do people even know what those look like anymore?) and he was one of the earlier guys to use the multiple personality concept and he worked with it. You remember his single, "It's Party Time"?

Ironically, I was over looking at Da Jaz 1's blog this morning and lo and behold what do I see but a Dirty Money (you know the group with the bootleg Estelle, Knock-off Keri Hilson, and tired Puffy) remix of that "Love Comes Down" song with none other than the man, the myth, the legend himself, Tracey Lee. Check it out here:

Wikipedia doesn't have too much information but it seems Tray Lee graduated from Southern University Law School in 2004 and if you can believe his verse, he now is some type of sports agent but he still has some decent rap ability. I wonder if his boss and professors knew about this song though,


  1. You have got to be some kind of idiot or somthing.....LMAO!


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