I'm back and once again showing a renewed focus on helping to promote and expose new artists or less familiar artists to those who may visit the blog. Today I'm going to focus on Baltimore artist Mullyman. Mully has been one of the brightest 'stars' of the "Baltimore Movement" (because everything is a movement now). He has been featured on MTV's Hoodfab across from DC's Wale, and also had his video in rotation on MTVJams.

His newest joint "She Hurtin Em" is also directed by another DC native, Tabi Bonney.

Now I am always skeptical of Baltimore rappers but I think by now Mully has earned my trust. I have liked what I have heard but I haven't heard an entire album or "mixtape" from Mully myself. This song has a decent party beat however I thought that they over-thought the hook. Using the title of the song in rapid succession would have been better to me than the way it was done. I also think the focus should have definately been more focused on the women in the video during the hook since it is "She Hurtin Em". Sorry, I had to offer some criticism because Mullyman is actually an artist that has a story to tell and the ability to actually be successful at it.


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