Wocka Flocka Can't rap...

Just listen as he says it himself:

Now while I admit it is great to hear him say that and that he is just in it for the money. Most people are in it for that reason and i have no problem with it but where do we go from here? Once a dude just admits he is making little catchy hooks for the money how can the public just accept that and keep giving him money? I can't.

The problem is that there are too many guys like him just in it for the quick dollar and who stubbornly believe that they can actually spit bars. The public then chooses to believe them or go along with it so they do not become the dreaded "haters".

However Wocka seems to be a charismatic guy, as evidenced by his reaction and talk about OJ Da Juiceman getting booed onstage in NY. He knows the Wu-tang crowd isn't the Flocka crowd which is good.


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