Method Man Punking out huh...

Or maybe he just felt like since he just was bitching about Joe Budden saying he could spit better than him that he should just shut up. Now I wasn't going to pay too much attention to Wocka Flocka especially after he admitted that he couldn't rap. Once he said that and that he didn't have a goal to try and be a rapper I was fine with him though I choose not to support him nor any radio station that plays that nonsense.

So Meth, Raekwon, and Ghost were asked about it and apparently voiced their opinions about it being some bullshit. Honestly, I think they're right. If you dedicate your time in your career to being the best that you can be and someone else comes along doing the same thing but entirely half-assed you would be pissed as well. I get pissed about Bloggers who don't actually say anything and this is a freaking hobby.

Anyway, Wocka then decides to take exception to being called "pop" (though Flo-Rida doesn't seem to mind those pop checks) and has to come back with his own remarks. Just looking at the headlines on Worldstar, he apparently feels disrespected that someone agrees that he sucks. The other thing is that he says dudes dont want to hear any dictionary rap. Last time I checked the best lyricists didn't actually have any "dictionary" raps. Well, except for Lupe, but the fact remains that an artist can be lyrical and not confusing. No one is going to say Wayne is really intelligent but they call him the best rapper in the game (i vehemently disagree).

So Wocka is doing a Young Jeezy and admitting he isn't a good rapper then getting salty when someone else is pointing it out. So what does Method man do? Apologize. Now I'm not for rapper beef when it isn't necessary, but it is okay and acceptable for Meth to have an opinion about another artist. He has a right to speak it, and if he really feels that he spoke out of turn was it peer pressure from Ghost and Rae? Should he apologize to them now for punking out about it? Why is he apologizing in the first place?

Even worse he says that he didn't know they were talking about Wocka so now he apologizes. He also said I always loved that man's music...Wocka been out a hot 6 months so how does that happen? Apparently Meth likes anyone just because...he's scared to become even more irrelevent. After finally listening to the first interview, Meth is a bold faced liar because they said Wacka's name outright. Method Man you are the weakest link.

For me one of the major things wrong in hip-hop today is when you have an artist like Meth who is considered one of the "legends" or a strong voice and he never voices his idea on anything we get people like Wocka and Jeezy and Boosie who come into the game and don't know and respect the history of what he and his peers have done. The game isn't elevating it's becoming stagnant on both the underground and the major label level.


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