Too good for the Freshmen of 2010?

So Nicki Minaj comes up with this bullshit explanation on why she and Drake weren't on the cover of XXL for the freshmen 10 for this year...

So basically you think that you deserved a cover before now and because of that you're going to turn it down now? If I had a magazine named XXL you wouldn't find them in or on it ever again how about that. Who are these spoiled ass artists who think they have earned the right to turn down covers at this point in their career. I mean Jay isn't even turning them down so Nicki and Drake. Well that's how you want to carry it, I don't think Nicki is going to be a success because I don't see what her single can be about from what I've heard and her style. Drake could be successful but I'm already tired of his whining about how people slept on him.


  1. Drake and Nicki are the best new rappers to hit the scene since Cannibus and DMX back in 98. I think their publicist/managers knew that XXL is peanuts compared to them being on the cover of complex and MTV news every five seconds. The fix is in. Nicki will push 250k her first week out Drake will push 400k


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