Nicki Minaj- The Ultimate Swagger Jacker

Now my man NC-17 is going to give me hell about this one because he is a huge Young Money fan but I have come to the conclusion that Nicki Minaj is a thief. Lola Luv was right when she said Nicki doesn't have her own style because she doesn't. You can look and chart what she has done so far and it is all marketing wizadry that the 'fans' forget who she was just months ago.

Nicki Started off as the new Lil' Kim:
You cannot deny that she was mimicking the bad lil mama from B.K.'s style and gimmick. The thing about Nicki was that she was a better rapper. Kim tossed with the best of Foxy and the people could feel her. Then she signed up with Wayne and his cronies and then took his entire rap style.

If you listen to her "jump off" and "warning" freestyles you'll hear the NY style all in her voice. Now listen to any of her many cameos and you will hear nothing but Wayne and something that I will continue to refer to as tourettes because that cannot be a conscience decision to keep raising her voice like that.

Now you have her in Usher's latest wack ass video and she is sporting a fresh Lady Gaga style outfit and hair-do. I understand that  it might be natural to try and bring out an artist we haven't seen in Gaga-esque attire but to take an artist that was a regular hood chick last week and expect me to go for it is downright ridiculous.


  1. i respect your opinion and all but you're blinded by hate on this one.

    1) Nicki isn't biting she's evolving. I was just listening to one of her old tracks and was like damn she got way better. That's any rapper, listen to Shady on his first indy CD sounding like the cliche white backpacker now listen to Relapse.

    2) She's a girl, they all like to bite styles and try and make their own version. Kim use to bite shit from italian vogue magazine and ignorant rap fans didn't know. Nik knows that the more people talk the more people know her name so damn right she's going to dress crazy to get headlines it's marketing.

    Drake raps like Kanye, but he does it better than ye's boy GLC so no one says anything. Banks raps just like Fab, but he has a deeper voice so no one says anything.

    Nik and Wayne do have a similar style, and there's nothing wrong with that because she'll evolve away from that just like Jay did when he started off biting Jaz-o's tongue twisting style.

  2. She doesn't rap like Lil Wayne. She's the lady version of Ludacris. I don't know why peeps keep doin' that.

  3. That is Geisha 305 hair style with the black and white bang. It's on youtube

  4. lol Banks raps better than Fab because he actually has a personality. GLC is wack and Drake is the most depressing happy to be rich kid I have ever seen. She isn't evolving or putting them together she is just taking the same thing and repeating it.

  5. lil kim is UGLY.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Nick is the ultimate swagger jacker, and no, she isn't better than Kim.

    You must have been born in 1990, so of course you would say that, lol

  7. Nicki is the best, she came up from nothing, and made it too the top. and she's 1000000 times better than lil kim, ha.
    nuff saaaaaaaid.

  8. I kinda disagree give credit where it due ya kno? Here is my review on the Great Minaj!

  9. All I see in here are people riding Nicki Minaj's dick with these comments. Did ya'll even read the article? She is a swagger Jacker period!! Stop denying that shit and wake up people, hop of the wagon and open your eyes.

  10. yo yo yo fuck all the nonsence come get some new swag right here

  11. Nicki is SOOOOO unoriginal. She totally swagger-jacked Kim. Nicki is trash


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