Keepin it Real Goes Wrong

So I'm trying to get some inspiration to get my blog on and i see this tomfoolery over at the "death of hip hop and urban culture" World Star Hip-hop. In the following clip- this interviewer does some things wrong that all of you who want to be personalities in the industry should pay attention to. The 'artist' Nefu da Don - I know, who cares right?, screws up on multiple occasions too. check it out and I'll add my commentary after.

So first thing if you want to be a personality or an interviewer you have to know what kind of guy you want to be. Either you gonna go along with the artists just to make them feel better, or you have to go hard and speak your mind at all times like CthaGod from the breakfast flakes. This guy doesn't know what he wants to be and you can tell because throughout the entire first part, he is waiting for the set up. He knows he's going to try and spring one on Nefu and I can see where he's just readying the bomb drop the whole time and can't focus on his questions. He also doesn't seem genuine and is letting this dude intimidate or push him around. See where Nefu asks if he is feeling his music, he's not but he lies and says he is. Be real and be yourself, don't be afraid that if you kiss their ass you won't be invited in because if you get the real stories and quotes, you will have the power. Remember that.

Nefu's problem is that he thinks he is more than what he is. He isn't prepared to even answer questions about his own work. He wasn't sharp at all and then when the bomb drops, he reacts very wrong. He spazzes out and tries too hard to carry the interviewer. The great part is that the camera man does what he is supposed to do and keeps rolling and no one looks at the red light or ushers him out. All of this "violated" shit is nonsense, that's the game, you not Jay-z, no one gonna cater to you. You should have answered it by just saying I'm not going to address that, like the professionals do.

However, even worse, was all of the apologies from this dude doing the interview. That's your job, ask the questions that people might be wondering about, although I have no clue what this whole shit was about, because none of these people are relevant. The thing is though, if you gave your word you have to abide by that, if you knew it would be sensitive, yet you wanted to ask, you should have never said anything about it before hand which, legitimizes Nefu's anger. It was already decided that whatever this silly ass subject is, wouldn't be part of the interview and  you tried to pull a slick one. Props to cameraman for getting out before they realized that tape was still running though.Gotta love that.


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