This is really what it's come to?

Now I'm perusing Worldstar for shit tot alk about since January is like no album month or something and along with the usual trash they have of course two women kissing-nothing unusual but I said let's see what this Amber Rose clip is about...I know, I'm part of the problem.

Now the thing that shocked me about this is that they have all of these cameras following them. I can understand maybe a couple of stragglers, but the gaggle of papparazzi is of an insane amount for two people who actually have done nothing to earn it. What are their talents? Being born with decent shapes? This is asinine and as a country overall there is way too much of this.

What I'm getting at is are these really the people that we should be following around and asking these silly non-relevant questions like what are they doing tonight? What party are they going to? Why aren't we supporting and promoting successful women entrepreneurs who aren't just walking around showing their asses? Maybe a woman like:

Tracey Travis, CFO & Senior VP of Finance Polo Ralph Lauren Corp.
 She may not look like Amber Rose who people think is some type of fashionista, and while she may not be the head designer, she ultimately has the final say on many of the decisions made at Ralph Lauren. You see the big problem is that we keep perpetuating these stereotypes that in order to be successful and black you have to be in entertainment, sports, or just plain luck from being cute enough at the right place and right time. Everyone wants to be seen on MTV or BET so they can be talked about and claim to have haters. How about working to success and following people who actually have some type of skill instead of showing young girls that being an airhead is the fastest way to success.
I posted early in my blogging days about how parents need to watch their daughters with these days of constant internet access, cell-phone, and webcams, and the thirst for attention and immediacy that posting a video dancing to Travis Porter on Youtube will bring. Long term goals need to be established and the following of these allegedly ambitious video vixens whose goals almost always extend to the medium of fashion and perfume and acting to varying degrees of failure needs to be eliminated. Your career highlight should not be the cover of King or Black Men's Magazine, not to completely knock these women, because there are a lot of legitimate models out there, but how many of these women actually make a mark or dent that is memorable?
I know it's not just hip-hop that has screwed up priorities, but if you're really all about the money and promoting the money and the idea that nothing is as important as getting money like most people in the industry claim, then why is there such an emphasis on people who don't really have money or pull? Too much of our time is based around presenting the image of something that we aren't instead of just becoming that very thing.


  1. I def agree with you on the modeling part. You can't really consider yourself a legit model if too many of ya pix involves you being bent over


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