Staying in the lane that's best for you...

Now a lot of guys are clamoring to make it in this industry because it seems easy when you see the Wacka Flocka's and Gucci's of the industry on Worldstar flashing diamonds and having half naked strippers running around in a shower of (fake) 20's. It's easy to under estimate what it takes to be more than a niche artist these days. Hell, anyone can have a hit now a days, but too many people would be better off getting their money behind the scenes and not exposing themselves to the public. Case in point:

Sean Garrett:

this guy has the worst singing voice ever. I have never heard someone who sounds this bad and whiny. I would almost pay him to never let his voice be heard again. Now dude seems like a decent writer which is fine and you can have a really good career doing that and never have to deal with the 'celebrity' of things.

The Dream:

To me he is the nightmare, the biggest of the really bad singers who is forever off-key and has an absurdly annoying voice. His songs are also generally boring, using the same cliche lyrics and not much emotion. I could do without him, but he can write well enough to carve out a career, i just don't need to see Mr. Thumb. He doesn't even look like a damn star.

Kid Cudi:

Somehow he was allowed to record and release a second album which is even worse than the first one. He seems like he puts together good music and create good songs but not be able to carry it out on his own. His two albums are probably the worst things I have ever heard from someone who was so seemingly talented. Much like the two mentioned beforehand, it seems like he is trying too hard to make up for the physical talent it takes to pull off being a musician.

Now of course, all of this is my opinion but none of these guys has ever done enough to wow me over because they pretty much suck.


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