The Quiet Season..

January is a really dead season for hip-hop and while there have been some things to talk about and possibly discuss, there hasn't been too much to get excited over. But fear not there is a new update from me, as I take a look at an artist who sent me something a couple of weeks ago who goes by the name of Lerix.

You can check his EP here: New Heights

Now he has rhyming skills as do most of the guys who send me things but he has slightly more charisma and character in his flows. He also is very clear and manages to avoid being overly convoluted and trying to stuff too much into one song at a time. On this EP, the beats also have a good variety of sounds, unlike most underground EP's which tend to come off sounding like muffled J-Dilla compilations. for an example, check "Hustle Hard" which features Shane Eli and Thirsty Mcgurk.

However, the biggest downfall is that like most underground or independent artists, there is a lack of topics or variety beyond how good Lerix and company is at actually rapping. More attention to telling some sort of story or tale within the progression of the EP would be great and should be considered for a future release.

All in all, I liked this set of songs which is why I chose to write about Lerix out of all I have received lately. He stood out and thats always a good thing. Hit the link, and check it out,a nd then scroll down a couple of posts and hit up the Perfection mix tape from my man Japiro.


  1. I stumbled on this blog by accident looking for new music to throw on http://www/ and I gotta say good stuff my dude...I found a couple of new artists to contact and get permission to throw in Rotation on TM101 Radio..especially this dude and Japiro..I bookmarked this blog and look forward to more posts from you..I WILL BE BACK!!!


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