Album Review- Lecrae - Gravity

Some of you might remember Lecrae from last year's BET hip-hop awards cypher. He was the Christian rapper in the section with Skillz and other up and coming artists you had never heard of or seen before. Earlier this year he dropped a mix tape named Church Clothes I never got around to listening to, but here before the next hip-hop awards, he is with a full length official album titled Gravity. Get this clear, this isn't just the average rapper spitting out Jesus name in every bar, this guy can actually rap and he slides it in pretty inconspicuously so he isn't being preachy about it. So let's talk about the album review of Lecrae's album Gravity.

"The Drop" starts the album with a serious beat that has some 'organ' type sounds as Lecrae goes in on the verse and when he slides bars in like ' we plugged into the highest power that's why we ain't gotta act up' that could be taken many ways but then he ties it back into his religion and makes it even slicker how he plays with the words. "Gravity" featuring JR shows that Lecrae is balanced when he addresses corrupt preachers as well with a couple of bars before talking about the struggle to keep on the righteous path. Industry Vet Novel is featured on the chorus of "Walk With Me" while Lecrae talks about the difficulties of life and asking Jesus to help him continue. This is one of those songs that the radio could definitely use right now. Mathai is the guest on "Free From It All" where Lecrae addresses dealing with people and the problem with living to please others instead of oneself.

"Falling Down" has guests Swoope and Trip Lee and the track makes me think someone would be on this saying 'swag' in their ad-libs, but instead the artists talk about how even when things are seemingly good, they will still come down. It's a good song that is critical of the hip-hop and urban scene today. "Fakin" with This'l has the rappers spitting about how guys stunt out and pretend to be something they aren't. "Violence" has a track that bangs and has a reggae tinge to it, meanwhile Lecrae talks about how violence is taking over our culture. Big K.r.i.t. and Ashton Jones feature on "Mayday" and Krit tells us he isn't saved but about his relationship with God. "Confe$$ions" is about people who value money over all while "Buttons" is about staying with his girl even though they get on each others nerves.

"I Know" is another cool track while "Lord Have Mercy" is one asking for forgiveness and talking about his past in the streets. "Power Trip" has several features, Pro, Sho Baraka, and Andy Mineo and on the hook, they ask who really has the power, implying it isn't earthly. "Tell the World" with Mali Music, is a song of testimony. "Lucky Ones" with Rudy Currence is about how the saved are the lucky ones. "No Regrets" with Suzy Rock is generally like any other song would be with the added idea that Lecrae cannot wait to get to heaven. Tenth Avenue North handles the hook on "Higher" about going to the next level in the after life. The album ends with "Fuego" which features Suzy Rock and KB.The track is uptempo and allows Lecrae to go back to his faster flow to end things.

Now Christian rappers in general have gotten a bad rap like Christian Rockers. They are expected to be annoying and overly holy which can make people feel bad. I've heard a few and none of them could spit like Lecrae who has good lyrics and an ability to make his point and not be too preachy, most of the time. The album runs a little long, but the production is on point throughout which helps a lot. Now there are a lot of features and since many of them are in the same category, they aren't really household names but being able to secure Novel and KRIT who have stable followings is a win. Overall Lecrae has some really good songs and if you're looking for something different, or something with a message that isn't Common or Lupe, give this a shot. In fact just give it a listen anyway because it's just a really good album.

Rating: 3.5/5


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