Mixtape Review- Mikkey Halsted- Castro

So I downloaded this mix tape because it was getting a lot of hits on datpiff and I wanted to find something new. I was glad I chose to give it a listen. Mikkey Halsted is overall a street rapper, but he isn't totally designed on pumping up the hood life with no repercussions. He also has some throwback joints where he goes in with his skill, about his skill such as "King" which is produced by No ID and is early on in the set of songs.

"Momma in My Ear" features Pusha T who is one of the other artists that Mikkey most closely sounds like. Also similar is Freddie Gibbs so if you like him, you would probably like Mikkey. His voice reminds me of an old artist named Journalist slightly and his flow varies somewhat but he could easily be a member of the Clipse. Cocaine 80's who was just on Nas' album sings on "Pain" where Mikkey spits about the opposite sides of the spectrum in the hustle. Listen as he talks about hustlers getting money but still live with their mommas in the projects. It's a strong picture he paints.

Like I said, he isn't just rapping about the streets, he also takes aim at rappers with more character than realism on "Occupy" where he spits about his credentials versus the fakers, as well as his skills versus those who are only talking about their album sales. This joint is complete fire. "Obamanomics" is political in the same street way as Jeezy did a few years ago as he talks about how things stay the same from Reagan until now.

I also really liked "PTSD" and "Movie Time". The actual album intro isn't bad either. Overall, Mikkey Halsted put himself onto my short list of artists to look out for in the future with a good balance of responsibility and street and quality songs composition. I look forward to hearing more from him in the future.

Rating: 3.5/5

As another note, the "New God Flow" by Kanye West and Pusha T is something serious. it seems like unlike most of the artists Kanye works with, that Pusha will be getting himself some quality tracks to work with.


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