Album Review- Saigon- Greatest Story Never Told 2

Saigon has been mostly an afterthought ever since he was signed to Atlantic records and banished to the purgatory which is their rap division with the exception of T.I. . Finally over a year and a half ago, the much delayed, Just Blaze produced album, the Greatest Story Never Told, was finally released and it was a solid album. Had it ever come out on time, it would have been even better. Not content to let the same length of time go between projects, Saigon follows up with Greatest Story Never Told 2: Bread and Circuses.

The album starts off with "Plant The Seed" where Saigon says he hopes 'you got what you paid for' as he spits about the majority of rappers today who aren't adding anything to the culture and speaks on everyone being clones of one another. The idea is to set the tone for the rest of the album and it reinforces what Sai stands for. He then goes into "Rap vs Real" where he compares a lot of generic topics covered in most rap songs and whats real life. "Not Like Them" with Styles P is more of that how they are truly what they are supposed to be compared to the average rap caricature. "Brownsville Girl" starts off with a generic topic about hood violence and how unnecessary it is then transfers to a specific example using a girl who joins a gang.

Marsha Ambrosius lends her vocals to "The Game Changer" as Sai talks about his initial signing with Atlantic and the type of music he makes and the original intentions he had. "Blown Away" is about the martyrs and soldiers of the struggle for progress and how for the majority of them they ended up dead. However, Saigon mentions Marvin Gaye as if he was murdered due to politics when it was drugs that led to his demise. Adreena Mill sings the chorus on "When Will U Love Me" as Saigon asks whether hip-hop or the church will ever accept him. Lecrae drops by on "Best Thing That I Found" along with singer Corbett (who is on multiple songs) as they talk about their relationship with God.

"Relafriendship" is about a relationship where there is a line that can't be crossed to make it a serious one. "Let Me Run" is alright but not a huge stand out, and "Yeah Yeah" is Saigon's throw back to his older style. "Forever Dreamin" with Tony Scott is about his intent to continue progressing. "Intervention" is about letting go of old problems, issues and beefs and moving on. "Our Babies 2 (Cold World)" is about all of the craziness going on and Saigon tries to switch up the energy on the song but the hook still falls flat. Chamillionaire surfaces on "Keep Pushing" and there is a remix of "Blown Away" with Stic.Man of Dead Prez and it's better than the first version.

Saigon is an above average rapper who has potential to really be influential, however, this album falls slightly short of its potential. There are a couple of times when Saigon focuses more on being critical of other rapper's messages instead of delivering his own. Rap vs Real doesn't have anything remotely energetic in it and is run of the mill. He also stays a little bit too conservative and doesn't have any one song that really brings home the bread and circuses message with authority, nor does he have something that is totally out of format. The sound also tends to lag and there isn't a switch in the tone to break up the monotony. All of that may sound negative but in general, he is what he is, and does what you expect for the most part. He just doesn't bring the "wow" factor enough to really get you excited.

Rating: 2.5/5


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