Mix Tape Review- Don Trip - Help is on The Way

Cool & Dre's artist Don Trip has been out the scene ever since he made it to the XXL 2012 Freshman list, but he is back and with some real "Trap Shit". With a new mixtape called "Help is On The Way" Trip is ready to refresh us why he made it to The XXL List.

 On the intro to the mixtape Trip spits some thought provoking lyrics explaining how he had to pull those jack moves and flip them birds to survive not just for him but for his family. The beat was produced by Cool & Dre and even though the glorification of drugs and gangs seems to be a standard form for most of today's rappers, Trips delivery is fresh and takes the subject to a deeper level then most of the other rappers on that "Trap Shit". The Intro "Shelter" is the perfect song to give people an idea of Don's ability to paint a story with his lyrics.

"Prolly" features Yo Gotti and they let us they never go anywhere with out that heat. This track reminds us that Don is still a trap nigga and loves to stunt and will handle a fuck nigga. Gotti also kills the beat.
Keeping to his Trap house experiences, Trip brings us to the kitchen where he is "Whippin It". On this track he makes sure we understand that he is a Trap Nigga no gimmick. Next up is the Justice League produced "Brake" where Don takes the time to get Fresh to death and brag about the bitches and other typical rapper ish.

From balling to fucking all his girls - friends. "Conflicted" finally slows down the vibe of the mixtape. But instead of the usual, Trip talks about a girl who seems to be in love with him but he just can't stop fucking all her friends, but don't worry... he knows it cold.

Man this nigga Don Trip is a dirty nigga. With Young Berg and singer Mia Rey, trip continues his "how he don't love these hoes" mentality and while she loves him, he just wants one thing. "Still Got Love" continues the slower vibe of the middle of the mixtape. The track starts off with a Guy "Lets Chill" intro which Trip explains how he was not ready to settle down even though he still misses her sex he is not in love with her anymore.

"Too Little, Too Late" is another Cool & Dre produced track with an old school vibe. Here Don explains what happen between him and his girlfriend after he broke up with his baby mama. This track reminds me of the Ace Hood "Dreamer" track.

Next Trip takes it all on him with "All On Me" which he continues letting us into what drives him to go hard in the trap and the booth. When Don Trip dies make sure you dip him in gold. the Danny Brown feature "Gold" lives here and you either like Danny's voice or not, but he rips the track... If you don't think so, he will leave you bloody. Period! Now Don Trip takes the time to "Pray". He just prays a nigga don't get in his way and as a warning he raps about his guns on this track. They say it ain't tricking if you got it, but Trip says it ain't tricking if you got HER. The "She Want" track features Juicy J and is one his hardest verses.

And now we back to that "Trap Shit"! Trip looks back to his trapping days. Next Trip wants us to watch him doing him with "Watch Me". Here Trip is still in his trap shit mode talking about drugs and balling, which is the goal of every real trap nigga. Right?

We are at the end of "Help Is On The Way". The second to last track is "Hold Back Tears" and Trip talks about an abusive mother and how now that he finally made it, but all she want is the money. Trip also touches on his dysfunctional relationship with his brother. Closing out the mixtape is "War". Here Trip declares war on anybody that wants it. You can only think, is this track meant for someone?

Don Trips "Help Is On The Way" is a solid mixtape, he opens up and lets fans learn more about him. The topics are the usual Trap Nigga problems.. But trips delivery and lyrical ability gives us a different look to the everyday life of a real Trap Nigga.

Rating : 4 out 5 Louis Moore III HipHopJunkiez.com


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