Nicki Minaj is an Ass

Now I am going to receive some hate if any Nicki minaj fans happen to stumble upon this but it's cool because something needs to be said. Now I wasn't sure at first if during her interview with the Breakfast Club this week Nicki was just in character or whatever but by the end of it I was pretty sure that she was indeed being an asshole. I understand, you're probably the hottest artist in the game next to Rihanna and Beyonce but you don't handle yourself as she did. Check the video while I break down my issues:

For one thing, Nicki is demanding they play basically her entire album like she doesn't understand how it works. They push your singles, it's what happens every time so you want to pretend it's just the station and they should just be jumping to flip into each of your tracks, it doesn't work like that, though they have the ability to play each of them. By now everyone knows radio stations aren't into breaking records anymore, the music director is playing whatever is sent to them by a clearing house. Her attitude sucked right then. Then there is the little jabs at Angela Yee for not buying her silly ass perfume, come on no one has to buy every product your shilling and to try and shame someone is fucked up. Then the way they acted scared of her in order to remain in her good graces was annoying.

Going further to talk about her three part series on E!, it sucks that she gets the right to approval over what was put out and complaining of what the agenda was and making excuses for why if she could wield that power, why the image was what it was. A major part of this was her constant lateness apparently though Yee tried to make excuses for her. There was no excuse for being late to "The View" and no one on her team being on top of that. You're a superstar, those are the things that happen and no one feels sorry for you having to work hard to maintain that fame.

A huge annoyance for me was watching her scroll through her phone the entire time as if she was too good to be on the radio and constantly accuse the guys of being unprepared. They Breakfast Club always has good interviews and they always seem prepared but because they let her dictate the tone and direction of the conversation they came off as amateurs and it was really unfortunate. At some point I really think she should have been asked to leave because she was uncooperative and unwilling to go in their direction some of the time and share the direction. She may want to focus on the music but Nicki fans already know every song line for line, this is a chance to talk and give more insight into herself like damn near every other artist they have interviewed. Point blank, up until today, I was disappointed in some of her music though I respected her talent. Now I have less respect for her as an individual and someone who is in the music industry dealing with others in it as well.


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