Saigon and Master P

So I was thinking about this latest interview with Saigon and The Breakfast club for a couple of days now as I was thinking about how to approach my thoughts on it. Part of this was due to a small part of his interview where he said he would love to punch guys like Rick Ross and 2 Chainz for what they are doing to the youth with their music. Now I don't think this was literal, but more about a slap at the culture.

You see Saigon is one of the guys who gets it as he talks about his life and the truth that music is powerful and so many people could use their platform for something bigger and better. He also had an interesting idea that if these guys want to make these records they should be separated from the major section where the music could be heard by people of all ages. It is crazy because that's how I look at the music industry right now, anyone with a message isn't going to make it and there is no real reason for it.

That leads me to Master P and his re-emergence on the hip-hop scene with the Louie V Mobb, his new crew which features Fat Trel and Alley Boy as well as a song with Chief Keef. It was a severe step back for Percy miller as he tries to reclaim relevance. Just about four years ago he was telling David Banner why the music needed to change and become cleaner and more positive. He was talking about forgoing a lot of this street stuff because he has been to the other side and seen things and been where he rubbed shoulders with some business titans. How does this make any sense?


This is worst than when he was making MP Da Last Don and putting out C-murder albums. I thought he was trying to be progressive and move towards something positive. Instead, he's back trying to be relevant to a young hip-hop crowd instead of being and icon or something they can shoot for as far as changing their lives and crossing over.

Rap music is so confused now because even the forerunners who laid such groundwork are allowing themselves to be dragged backward instead of pushing the culture and directing the newer generation. It's just like having the kids have the adults following them. We have to get some course correction going on and have things move in a more positive direction. 


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