Album Review- Wiz Khalifa- O.N.I.F.C.

Wiz is one of the most laid back people it seems you might ever happen upon meeting which makes his ascension as a rapper even more remarkable because most rapper are generally more aggressive, and that includes the back pack genre. Wiz on the other hand makes laid back music that I'm guessing you can also party to and while he blew up a couple of years ago, he has been mostly absent from the scene, avoiding multiple mix tape releases as he has readied his sophomore album. The single has been out for months but finally the entire accompanying album is released.

Wiz gets into the album after a short intro pretty much how you would expect with "Paperbond" which has a space age laid back beat but the first forty seconds where Wiz just says "yuh yuh yuh" before getting into standard verses about how much money he has and how good the weed is that he smokes. "Bluffin'" is more of the same, with a heavier bass line. The first guest feature is Akon on "Let it Go" thats the same thing only with an attempt to make it an introspective song. The hook really doesn't fit with the 'subject matter' though.

Oddly enough there is also a song called "The Bluff" with Cam'ron. "Got Everything" with Courtney Noelle singing the hook actually is a good little song that I would say is directed to his girlfriend, Amber Rose about how she holds him down and takes care of home. It's a cute little song, something I would expect Diggy Simmons to have recorded. 2 Chainz appears on "It's Nothing" in what is one of the worst songs I have ever heard in my life. Pharrell channels the ultimate oddball from N.E.R.D. on "Rise Above" which also features Tuki Carter and some vocals from Amber Rose herself. Tuki's attempt to be lyrical falls flat.

One of the few infusions of energy on the album comes from Lola Monroe on "Initiation" where she goes in over one of the few times on the album it rocks off while Wiz just wastes time on the track. Juicy J shows up on "The Plan" with his new boss while Chevy Woods joins Juicy on "Medicated". Hot shot crooner The Weeknd is on "Remember Me". "Fall Asleep" is a different direction with a simple beat for the most part before the bass hits during the hook however it allows you to hear Wiz' struggle to put together compelling lyrics.

The single is "Work Hard, Play Hard" and the track is very radio friendly and catchy. This is easily the best song on the album which is rare to find. "Time" is more of the same that covers the album and "Up In It" isn't bad but it's mostly because the beat is cool and apparently the only thing Wiz can rap about is weed, money and women. "No Limit" is overdone and confusing. Sounds like a reject from a Kid Cudi album or something.

I understand this, you don't go to Wiz Khalifa when you want content but this entire album is flat. It's one note about how much he spends money and smokes and nothing in between. The vibe is very laid back and mellow, which is cool, but I just don't get where this album gets played. There isn't anything for the club and nothing is aggressive enough to be listened to in the car in any form. It's just really an odd feel but I guess thats what the kids are into these days. The lyrics laughable and the tone is just so boring that the 16 songs just bleed into one another like one big parade of nothingness.

Rating: 2/5


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