B.O.B. - John Doe

No Secret I'm a BOB fan. Dude has surprising depth and song construction and point blank he can spit. I liked the song John Doe from the beginning but the video had a lot of depth to it that made me like it even more, and that's what a video should do.

The story of the video is pretty much the same thing as a lot of others, young girl gets caught up in drugs and alcohol and does things she never intended or thought. Simple but it was shot very well so the director K. Asher Levin deserves much credit for that.

I will take up an issue for my more feminist friends, why is this about a female? I mean isn't that just cliche to the point of overkill now? I would have enjoyed seeing something different with BOB or some actor playing the central protagonist. Though the fact BOB is male and to juxtapose that with female imagery works, I'm just a little tired of the female used sexually vibe in these types of videos. I am also pretty sure the female lead is a pornstar by the name of Skin Diamond which if you know her adds a little bit more to the depth because of the idea that most of the women in porn fall victim to the exact things in the video. This may have been in the past but a lot of these women now are more business oriented. I thought this was interesting as a visual and wanted to bring some attention to it.


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