Independent Spotlight

Welcome to 2014 and I'm looking to bring on another person or two for independent music reviews so we can really see what's good with the new artists who want to be heard. Let's get into it.

This first independent song of 2014 I listened to brought me in right. A combination of West Coast and my home town of Baltimore, Y1 teamed up with Young Scrap for "Rada" a song about a female trying to get the dough out of the artists. This joint bangs with a simple hook and a solid Baltimore club influenced drum track produced by Arctic. It's nothing trying to be too hard or overly ambitious as far as content but it's still a solid overall track.

Next up from Little Rock, Arkansas is 20 year old C. Sharp who reminds me a lot of Big Krit in he is a southern rapper sort of but he has an introspective mind and he sent me an album that is pretty cool and soulful. I definitely suggest this one. Now in it's purpose it's supposed to tell the story of a woman named Brenda, I can't tell how focused it is off of one listen but in any case he has some real quality stuff here that deserves multiple listens. I mean this channels Little Brother only slightly more energetic to my ears. The production is hot and the songs are put together really well. Go to his bandcamp and check this out, colleges, might want to look at having this dude as an opening act.

Rhyme and Reason -- this is a link directly to bandcamp

Now I received a video for a song called "Louie Armstrong" from Harn SOLO. This dude really looks like he's about 40 for real. Not quite sure what kind of rapper he really is. He strikes me as a goofy/funny/shock rapper. He is unorthodox to say the least with a hyped up style of flow. Some people will get it, some people won't really feel it. I'm kind of leaning against it, but it's worth a look for yourself.


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