The Hardest Album People Don't talk about

In a vintage mood i was listening to old hip-hop and i started listening to the Terror Squad album and I must say this shit is a classic. It was fire pretty much all of the way through and while most of the Squad never panned out, they all showed tremendous potential on this joint.

From the first track "In For Life" the early Cool and Dre production shined with a polished NY style underground sound with some gloss and polish on it. it wasn't full of high concept hip-hop but it was straight forward and when they needed to get abrasive, Joe, Pun and the crew came through with fire bars that make you want to throw on an aviator jacket and go start some shit at a club somewhere. This is sto,ping down the block in Timbs music. Then they threw in the introspective track and just showed they could all flow and just have some lyrics.

It is sad to know this group of such talented people fell apart and that we lost one of the illest ever Big Pun who destroyed so many verses in his short time on the scene. For those people who think Fat Joe spits now, this was his zenith in my opinion.


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