Album Review- Chuck Inglish- Convertibles

I haven't written an actual album review in a while and it's largely due to a lack of inspiration. It's tedious and tiresome to write reviews of boring and unimaginative hip-hop. I don't want it to become "work". However I took a minute to listen to the new album from One half of the Cool Kids, Chuck Inglish and I am very impressed. If you aren't familiar, Chuck and his partner Sir Michael Rocks are the Cool Kids a rpa duo known for witty rhymes about nothing (think Camp Lo) and hard hitting beats with plenty of 808. I wasn't feeling some of Sir Michael's releases but I gave Chuck a chance anyway and came away impressed. I will explain just why in my album review of Convertibles by Chuck Inglish.

The one thing The Cool Kids are known for is their production and this album is chocked full of it. It opens up with a sort of retro funk West Coast feel with "Elevators" which features Buddy and Polyester the Saint. One handles the hook and the other drops a verse. Nothing is extra outstanding but nothing is particularly wack and it's just a good damn song. "Swervin'" finds Polyester once again joining Chuck on a seriously hard beat with a mean throwback 808 and a synthesizer that bangs as they rap about how the day goes. Surprisingly "Legs" with Chromeo just rocks so seriously. It has a Pharell-esque sound and a mix of a funk/r and B/ pop beat. It's kind of different but you have no choice but to like it as you hear it and Chuck has some clever lyrics on what is just a simple party song.

Now "Ingles" might not be everyone's cup of tea. It's a straight up club/house song for the most part that could extend the cool Kid's brand to a new crowd. It's another song that you can rock off to without feeling bad about it. "Money Clip" is more of a classic posse track and it just suffers from having too many dudes who are pretty much the same on it with Vic Mensa, Chuck, Retch, Hassani Kwess and Sulamain all getting verses. It's underground hip-hop. "P.R.I.S.M." featuring Jade is alright but it does feel a bit like Chuck was reaching in too many directions at times.  "H.M.U." is a cool track I think the NY crowd clamoring for that feel will enjoy.

"Dreamy" is a cool classic Cool Kid's type of track with heavy bass and a little bells thrown in to set the deepness off even more. "Gametime" with Action Bronson is short but pretty much perfect. "Came Thru/Easily" has such a serious beat I was breaking my neck in the car as it played. Then Ab-Soul and Chuck spit yet Mac Miller destroys the track. BJ The Chicago Kid handles the hook on "Attitude" which has a beat that reminds me of some Wu-Tang It's Yourz style. It has that drum track and it's organized mean while Chuck spits game to a lady. "Shitty Lullaby" is another song that on the surface might be odd but fits right in. The album ends with Chance the Rapper and Macie Stewart on "Glam".

Overall this was one of the more impressive collections of songs I have heard in ages. Most of the songs sound different and it is sequenced so that most of what could be seen as repetitive content isn't back to back. The production I can't get enough of, sonically just about every song sounds different yet most sound as if they fit in and it is somehow very cohesive. If Chuck had more subject matter this would be an all time great base doff of the production. As it stands there isn't really anything to get from this album but it doesn't matter as much because it's just really good to listen to.

Rating: 4/5


  1. That seems like an extremely generous rating

  2. Myke I listened to this album like 6 times in two days which I rarely do and haven't tired of it yet. The main problem he has is his songs are totally superficial.


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