Independent Wednesdays

This week I want to start off with a Brockton, Mass rapper named Kevlar Dollaz. Now I know a lot of rappers often come from street backgrounds but in Kevlar's short bio he mentions being locked up and recovering from being shot in a botched robbery. This was more than the normal 'coming up from the streets' biography. Something actually happened to change his life or perspective somewhat. He addresses this on this single "Black Jew".

I wasn't really a fan of the hook but I felt the verses. He also sent over the video for the single "Groupies".

Next up We're going to Toronto for some non-trap rap just that straight up hip-hop sound with K. Seize with "Diamond in the Rough".This is the first song off of his Carpe Diem mixtape which comes out on May 5th. It's not any new concept but rarely are there these days. The beat is tough in an up-tempo way and it's not forcing this illusion of being tough. Seize also can spit a bit.

To wrap up this week we will be coming down to Maryland and PG county for $$J Krypton who is one of the new artists who is more out there with his presentation. He will attempt to shock you at times but the songs I heard were mostly straight forward with a lot of heavy bass and southern influences. He isn't what I would call the best but he definitely has a lane he fits in and people who will love the type of music he makes. Check out "Neon Deion" for an example of what he brings. His link below is an entire stream of his mix tape so skip around if you like.


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