Rhymefest - Violence is Sexy

Rhymefest is one of the premier Chicago artists/personalities that flies under the radar of a lot of people because he isn't in the main stream and getting ratchet. I covered some things about him a couple of years ago when he ran for office in his hometown, taking charge and moving toward being a solution. Unfortunately, Chicago is still suffering mightily through gang violence and thus I am suggesting that my readers go and check out his new project which he is currently fundraising for.

From the site:

But this isn’t just any album, this is the “Violence is Sexy” experience. Combining my love for music and passion for political activism, this album will dive into violence in our society. To take things up a notch, I’ve also created the “Violence is Sexy” book – filled with lyrics, essays and artwork.
This kind of release calls for something different, something bigger so I’ve teamed up with PledgeMusic to bring you into the process of making this record as.it.happens!
All you have to do is pledge (on any of the exclusives or experiences listed below) and you’ll gain access to the pledger-only portion of the site where I’ll bring you along sharing pictures and videos from the studio, first listens to some of the new tracks, and more!

 Go over to http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/rhymefest to make a donation and get access to exclusive material and part of the proceeds go towards Donda's House which helps the community through arts projects. It's a dope move right here so check it out when you get the chance and hopefully continue to keep Rhymefest active in the community and help out Chicago.


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