Independent Wednesday

First thing's first, if you haven't done so yet, I need you to go check out my man Japiro who just dropped a new project last week called "2". Some of you know I grew up with this guy and he is still doing his thing, I think this is one of his more consistent efforts and it is inspired by the impending birth of his first two kids.

I need you to go to his site here:  and check it out. two download options for you. Go follow him on twitter @japiro as well. Available for production as well.

Now This week's first artist is the second time GQ Marley is on the blog. His first feature was for a single that was some real turn up music. this time, he sent over a link for his mixtape, "Revenge of the Nerd". The opening track of this project, "Nerd" is tough. The beat bangs and the hook is straight and he works the beat well. "Yeezy Taught Me" has a different sound slightly with a hard bass line and a soul sample that sounds just like something Ye might make courtesy of producer Platinum Pat. The song is about going out and doing you.

Now "The Fame" which samples Lauryn Hill's 'Doo Wop That Thing' is a bit awkward during the hook and a good attempt but I didn't think that it worked overall. "Burn it Down" is a general party song it was alright but not as good as the first single I heard from GQ. I liked "Vices" which also featured Shawn Noize. "Loosing Faith" is also pretty good.(hopefully the player shows up so you can check out the music).

Next joint up is a producer from England who goes by Oh Genius and a song featuring Baltimore rapper Ellis. Now I have never heard of Ellis before but this joint is hot. I like the feel of the beat and the content of "Good Day to Be Alive" is solid as well.

This is part of the album Lost in a Dream which you can stream over on soundcloud. This collection is really nice. It also features some more Baltimore flavor with Shannon Ramsey and even an appearance by Skyalr Grey. It's worth the listen.


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