Don't dare try to tell em Soulja Boy

So it's been a new Soulja boy controversy. This young guy has put out a video where he attempts to discuss hip-hop issues. This is me trying to portray it in a positive light and make it seem deep. His first statement that Lil' Wayne is going to be called the best because he says it. I don't know who Soulja is asking but I don't know anyone who is going to say Wayne is the best rapper alive, dead, int he South or otherwise. Then he blames Nas or give him credit for Hip-hop is dead. Because this kid is around a bunch of young whippersnappers who don't know a thing about hip-hop history. The entire basis or logic of his argument is that if you say it everyone is going to believe it. In his own example he says that if he claims he is the king of the internet then people will believe him and agree.

That whole entire premise is asinine. Part of this is the reason that people from the East Coast or New York say that hip-hop is dead. Lil Scrappy summed up the Southern idea on one of the Beef dvd's when he referenced LL Cool J and T.I.. In his view because people challenged LL (and he took them all out) he wasn't respected as a king like TI is even though TI has faced fewer challenges (and if you were paying attention, Ludacris ate his ass alive).

The problem here is the Southern mindset that competition undermines authority. Look at Nas and Jay-Z. It is widely considered that Nas won the battle but Jay is as strong as ever. In fact, he is better for it. 50 Cent bodied Ja Rule and it catapaulted him to stardom. Southern artists are scared to be the loser so they rather kiss each others ass and put out the same lame mindless nonsense that isn't advancing hip-hop. Hip-hop was built on competition, until Wayne steps up to a true challenge he will never be the best rapper alive. TI gets my respect more because at the very least he went at Luda and Shawty Lo for his respect. In the 90's if you had claimed a title you would have to defend it. No one would have allowed TI to be king of the South while at the same time, Paul Wall was the People's Champ, and Wayne as the Best Rapper Alive.

This boils down to the point that Soulja boy needs some album sales or some acting lessons so that his career can last beyond 2008. He can only hope that 15 years in he can have a name that is remembered as much as Nas.


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