Saigon and I are disappointed with hip-hop

So as that plays just feel me on this, we all know that the celebrities and people we see play a huge role in popular culture which in turn influences our kids. Just like Saigon says you have all these kids getting arm sleeves worth of tattoos and wearing little tight jeans and sagging them just because they see everyone else doing it. Remember what happened to jerseys when Jay-z said he doesn't wear them anymore, a whole entire industry collapsed. Me I wear what I feel and I don't like to iron so I will still rock a jersey, eff what anyone thinks. Having style and being in tune with the latest fad are different things.

But it is so crazy that marketing people want it handed to them, if you don't have a gimmick they don't like you. It's like the Undertaker in wrestling vs Hulk hogan. Now you have to be a super thug like 50 Cent or a silly ass kid like Soulja Boy, taking it to the extremes. If you are normal or try to actually put a message in your song the label acts as if they cannot understand it, or they treat the material as if the entire audience is made up of morons (which can be argued) who can't understand the basic concepts of put your hands in the air and toss money.

At the very least here is one artist who gets it and has a mix of the skills and abilities needed to be able to make listenable songs with solid content.


  1. I found your blog randomly, read through, and felt strongly about an idea I would like to add: I don't agree with you on your sociological views; I feel as if the media portrays what the audience wants, not vice versa. All artists take chances in their careers at one point or another, and when they realize they didn't make any money off their bullsht single, they go for something else. There's so much competition out there; an artist is forced to produce what sells--in order to make money, of course. I'm not mad that there are bs artists out there, I'm mad at people actually buying that sht!

    My opinion for the cause of this: dance crazes. We were once limited to the butterfly, tootsie roll, and electric slide. Now we have movements such as krumpin and hyphie, as well as the dance-per-song (such as the supaman or cupid shuffle), then we have those little tid-bits you can throw into a freestyle (e.g the walk-it-out or the spongebob). There are PLENTY of other ones. The booty shakin even has more variations. People, especially girls, want to do more than bob our heads to a song, and guys don't argue that when they're in the club.


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