Watch Your daughters!

This is an important blog right here. I have a daughter and a lot of you out there have children. Now it is truly important to have strong role models for young boys, don't get me wrong, but you really have to watch out for these young girls today. let me break it down for you....

Check youtube, put in any popular song and chances are you're going to find some underaged girl dancing to it in her draws. I'm hoping this doesn't get flagged for being obscene content by the way. Shit you can come up on it unintentionally just depending on the suggested viewing option on youtube. I would link the videos but I don't want to promote this nonsense. Point blank if your daughter has a computer in her room, take it out. She has a laptop, put tape over the webcam. She doesn't need it. An internet rat like myself comes upon a lot of troubling sights (and sites). Most of the time i just click and keep on moving but everyone doesn't. Your daughter will end up on someone's message board or in an e-mail as an example of bad parenting.

Even worse, some lil knucklehead is going to be sending her im's and text messages until eventually in some cases he gets her to dance,strip, get naked, all types of crazy shit on camera or send camera phone pics to him which will then get posted online at some point. Girls can be so trusting no matter how much they have been told. Trust me they will feel better if you keep them from becoming a member of the "Girls Gone Wild" Club. It's a new trend online for "homegrown" or "Stolegrown" pics of regular girls instead of professionals who are getting paid. Be on the lookout for this stuff. It's hard to keep up so take this as a warning if you keep hearing "She got a Donk" played from in that bedroom over and over with the door closed. She is probably in there trying to get the angel and lighting just right.


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