Now I'm not a fan of Charles Hamilton. The songs I have heard from him haven't done anything for me, so i'm not too biased here. What is interesting is two things, first soulja boy takes the time to comment so he can promote his new album. Classic tactics in ww-hiphop these days. But he is really bold ain't he? He is talking somewhat reckless.

The other thing that i don't like about this is his obvious ignorance. He doesn't even know that he is making club music. I don't have a problem with the style of music he has decided to make. It's cool, somebody has to make it. But the fact he calls it "Gettin Money music" pisses me off. It's like all that hip-hop is being boiled down to is getting another dollar. I understand coming from nothing you want to celebrate, you want to have something to show for yourself. If you don't have anything to tell as a story however, you have to wonder what is it all worth.

As for whether or not it's Soulja boy's fault other artists can't move on or progress in their careers, he is right and wrong. As long as he is successful, no A & R's will look at other young artists in a different way, especially at the same company. These guys have a real lack of imagination and lack of ability to actually do their jobs which is to market and develop artists. So I'll be on the lookout for more in this brewing controversy and might even swipe soulj'a album offline to ridicule.


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