The nerve....

I'm all for getting your hustle on and making the best of your situation when it presents itself. But there a couple of things that come to mind looking at this latest worldstar clip. Before I get into it, shout out to them for providing me with endless material.

Now if you had the stomach to watch that shit, you know what happened. If you were smart enough to turn it off, it's video girl Angela "Lola" Love, performing her song in the club. :/ You get that emoticon? it's my face going "what the fuck?". I mean on the one hand it's good that she can try to make additional avenues for herself and extend her career, I'm not hating on that. However it proves that video girls are not special, that is chickenhead shit she is rapping about. It also shows the rap game ain't what it used to be because in '94-'95 that shit wouldn't be tolerated. In 1999 she would have been laughed at and anything before 1990 she would have never been heard at all.

For real, no serious female rapper/entertainer/m.c. worth their weight in pantyhose should allow that shit to go unresponded to. I know unresponded ain't no word and I don't care. Someone please go find Rah Digga and tie some meat around Loal's neck and let that bitch at her! Find Eve and take her back to Philly for a week then let her get at her. Bust Remy out of jail! Dig Lady Luck up, Lady of Rage, send fucking Missy Elliot at her ass for Pete's sake. Just don't let this nonsense get a pass.

Matter of fact send this one at her ass:


  1. Oh yea that was sickening!
    I would so release Remy on her ass...for 2 minutes...thats all it would take!


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