Watch Your Daughters part 2!

I'm back with another note to the people with children of the female gender. This time the topic is about watch who your daughters are looking up to. Watch their friends too. But look at who they emulate and show them a wide variety of people and different sides of those people.

Just look at beyonce. You cannot let your daughters just listen to the chickenhead music that she puts out on the radio. "A diva is a hustler"- nah I seriously doubt that. A diva is a damn bitch who thinks she is special cause she dresses well or looks cute. You have to show her the business side of Beyonce. Have examples of how she handles her business and the intelligence that she possesses if you can. You have to be able to provide your children with examples of the people who helped her to her current position; managers, stylists, promoters, songwriters, etc. You can't let them see this caricature of a person and think that the bottom line is the music.

Same thing with all of the wannabe models. London "Deelishis" Charles or however the hell she spells it is not the ideal way to go. I know, the model industry does need some different sizes and shapes to promote healthy self-images. But how many people actually can be models? How many people from Next Top Model do you actually see out there? You have to be realistic with your kids. The majority of women in these videos do a couple of magazines, show their butt for a little while, get a website for a week or two and then fall off the face of the earth. It's not the most stable career choice if you're not doing it right. That goes back to showing your daughters the other sides of the business and not just the King magazine cover.

Shit just let Superhead tell it. I mean you wouldn't want your child to have that nickname would you?


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