Hip-hop Love songs

What's love got to do with it? Love has got a lot to do with it. In the hip-hop community, there aren't a plethora of songs that showcase the love between a man and a woman on mature terms. I have to include the term mature because most of the recent songs about male and female relations are ghettofied and very immature at the core. The genre basically started with the classic, "I need Love" by LL. But that isn't where it begins and ends. LL himself continued it with the sexy other man tale "Hey Lover" with Boys II Men.

One of the guys who i feel best recreates the true emotions of love in his music is my man Common.

Honestly, that song is one of the best songs ever. Just listen to the straight up lyrics that Common spits out. He pours out his soul on the track with gorgeous imagery. Now don't think I'm on some sweet shit, but sometimes you have to keep it truly honest when material moves you. I mean Rick Ross' last single didn't give anyone that feeling. Plies' songs don't give you that feeling like they actually like women. You can tell their goal is to smash and keep it moving.

It's crazy how good this dude is when speaking. "The Light" is another one of those great songs. I have to wonder how many "normal" women get these songs and actually listen to the lyrics and get what he's saying. It just seems like the only women who can hear this music and really feel it are the "back to nature, weed smoking, poetry reading attending" chicks who believe in natural hair, being vegan, and smoking weed. Yes that is a generalization but it's what I see so don't blame me.

Today, I'm highlighting Common so let's check out a couple more videos from him and you all can tell me who else has made a great hip-hop love song that might be "forgotten".


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