WorldStarHipHop ain't right

Look I know I grab videos from there but a lot of the stuff they post is bullshit. Like music from people in the industry is relevent sometimes, but posting everyone's video blog on Chris Brown and Rihana is ridiculous. Then you have random dudes who get a video posted, then come right back, to clarify and set the record straight for 15 seconds of fame.

who is this dude? Do we really care that he isn't related to Yayo? If he was would it even matter? Tony Yayo is barely on the edge of relevance himself, and thats only because he is with 50 Cent.

This dude gets play because he rapped against Charles "I'm nobody either" Hamilton and got some laughs and giggles. Why do I really need videos of Lil Boosie going shopping? Please World star, let's do a lot better with the platform we have.


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