They Might be Trippin, but these dudes are right...

So if you watch this clip you gonna see Jermaine Dupri and some of his production team answering some questions using an online chat. I'm not interested too much in the Kriss Kross portion, or Jermaine Dupri stuntin like an asshole as he normally does.

My topic is going in about the when NO I.D. talks about female rappers and how they need to talk about topics that interest women. I have to feel the same way. Female rappers need to stop trying to appeal to men because we're not buying your shit anyway. Get over it, stop trying to be something that you're not.

If you represent for the women like Eve, or LIl Kim did and tell their experiences they won't have any reason to doubt you. For the fellas, as long as you show some skin, we'll look at you.


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