I was trying not to...

I wasn't going to put out an opinion on Chris Brown and Rihanna, and I'm not really going to get into that in particular too much, but I do have something to say about this:

Awww, Oprah, you do care about hip-hop, breaking it down that is. Now I'm not the biggest Oprah fan, but I agree she has power has done a lot in her life and is a real role model for young girls. I try not to look for reasons to bash the lady because too many people in my generation have in some way or another bashed on her. She does however, have a history of knocking hip-hop celebs like Nelly, Ludacris,etc...

This isn't knocking but not minding her own damn business. According to this opinion, it sounds like no man who ever hits a woman can change. That's not a good look for someone who gives people a chance. I mean why say that he is going to do bad again instead of praying for the young man and trying to help him get himself together.

Why does she have to be worried specifically about Chris and Rihana anyway? Shouldn't she be worried about her school in Africa? How about adopting the rest of the kids that Angelina Jolie left. How is it that she as an actress can take care of all of those kids yet Oprah doesn't have any? Let me stop knocking O for her hustle though.

I'd just prefer if she didn't get specific in denouncing the dude and trying to save a young woman when he as a young man might be the one who needs the help.


  1. I can feel what she saying about him changing, just cuz I've never seen an abusive relationship get better. But it's shitty to condemn him and say he'll never change when she doesn't even know the whole story. I'll agree he's crap for beating the tar out of her, but without knowing his/their whole story I can't pass judgment and say he'll always act that way. Everyone is focusing on him being evil, it's a real double-standard. Like you said, he needs help too but few people seem to care


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