It's Alive!!!

The biggest phrase of the past few years has been Hip-Hop is dead. Let me tell you, it ain't. It may not live in the mainstream as much as it should, but it's still around and today it popped up in a big way for me. I might try to find a way to post some music so you can hear it, but I don't like having my posts removed when I share something.

First Ima say CNN, that's Capone-n-Noreaga must be trying to get me to buy cd's again. This joint they have coming out on the album called "Grand Royal" is straight hot fire. Premier I must say did his thing on this song and Nore was killing it lyrically and you know Capone did his thing. And when I say killing it, I don't mean the normal funny ass Noreaga lines we give him props for, but some straight up lyrical heat.

You all should know by now that I'm a Slaughterhouse fan so you just need to find "Fight Club" somewhere and give it a listen with the unorthodox verse setup that takes me back to the Wu days.

And Speaking of that, Red and Meth are back with "A Yo", and the shit is just fire. Redman especially rips the track. Meth doesn't slip up either with the lyrics and the beat knocks. They need to do a street video for this.

and Ghostface is out with "Message from Ghostface", the version featuring Novel is on allhiphop.comright here. This song needs to be on the radio to give some positive inspiration to the young women out there. I mean I heard "OJ da Juiceman" but this song probably won't see the light of the masses and it needs to.
You should remember Novel from a few years ago on Rawkus, and he has got some new material coming out soon.

People also think the West Coast fell off, it didn't. I happen to like The Game but the next thing is Nipsey Hussle. I heard a freestyle with him and Jay Rock and he did his thing, but also had an air of credibility about him that I can deal with. This new song "Payback" is a gangsta political song in the vein of Ice Cube.

the highlight however, is an example of "Good Nas". Unlike Bad Nas who occupied the verse on "My President is Black", the mc on "If I Ruled the World 2009" is the fiery Queens guy who we loved in the late 90's. The lyrics are there, as are the flow, subject matter and ability to include the streets and spit some knowledge.


  1. I feel you I was put onto Nipsey last summer I was like this dude got it. and the new CNN joint.. they need a whole album done by havoc and preemo and they will be good. Also the Red & Meth Ayo is classic Red and Meth.. is just something the when those two are together they mesh better than by themselves..


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